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Online NSC CAPS Math & Physics

Tutoring & 24/7 support

The challenge of time, fuel costs & health is very real, and our world is evolving at a rapid pace. We must learn to keep up and remain progressive. Although data and (uncapped) Wi-Fi can be a challenge, it is vital to realise that online education is here to stay, and it must be treated as such, like having a good textbook. Therefore, the investment must be made. I mainly use weekly Zoom classes and WhatsApp for continual connection, where learners have 24/7 access & can ask their questions freely. I will obviously respond when available. Recordings are made available to learners for limited time after the live sessions if they would like to look at the lesson again.

Request the online registration form on which you will select your options and payment method. Online group sessions for one subject is usually R550pm and two subjects R850 pm (costs are subject to change and group sessions are only available to gr10, 11 & 12’s). One on One (individual) online sessions are R300 per session (Charged monthly after the number of monthly sessions have been determined). Sessions are usually from 45 min to an hour, usually on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturday mornings. Tutoring and support continues on WhatsApp where it is vital for learners to ask questions and communicating to keep up with the process. Once your application is confirmed, we will then look at the specific online process and plan. [Only learners and parents who are committed to the process will be considered…see registration/application form]

Contact (Call/WhatsApp) 0614932880 or 0795178174 for more info….