Today, more than ever we need more young people who’s not just educated in the mind, but more importantly, educated in the heart.

Change does not come through what we know, but through what we do with what we know. Money is no good without a good cause to sow into.

How can you help?

It costs R5800 per subject per year (32 sessions) to take a learner through our training, tutoring and teaching course. This is a three year course helping each learner to develop academic excellence, grow holistically while connecting to their vocations early enough. [It costs R9 800 for Learners who choose both Math & Physics (62 sessions)]

YOU CAN ASSIGN YOUR DONATION  to this cause and change a child’s life!

You can read more about  how your giving will help transform communities here.

THANK YOU for making a difference!

Yours in Serving Communities.