Weekly Wisdom

Welcome to WEEKLY WISDOM in the SIRZONE!

In the world of the procrastinator where distractions rule! ~Llewellyn Williams~

Sometimes one can receive a bombarding of online tasks and documents. It is vital to firstly have a plan so that you can know exactly (or more or less) where in your subjects and life’s tasks this extra information will fit into. 

Have a time frame and timeline for when you will tackle each task. If it is not immediately then have a file where you can keep it until you need it. A file is always a good idea. You will have a place for it and a time frame to it by including it in the name of the file.

Another helpful tip is to set an alarm or reminder for when the task should be completed. Re-adjusting one’s schedule is normal so do not hesitate to do so when you need to. The most important thing is not to stumble into the world of the procrastinator where distractions rule! When you have a plan and a schedule, include relaxing and leisure and you stick to it as far as possible otherwise adjust when needed and as life happens.