About theSirZone:

Llewellyn Williams is a self-employed Tutor, Trainer, Teacher & Educational Consultant…[with more than 30 years’ experience]
Specializing in:
#NSC CAPS Physical Sciences & Mathematics Teaching, training & tutoring.
#Lesson Preparation & Planning (e filing)
#Teacher Professional development especially in the Natural & Physical Sciences
#Practical Investigations
#Setting Tests, Tasks & Question Papers
#Marking and moderating scripts and papers
#Science & Math Department designing and structuring (Preparing Grade 8 & 9 effectively for FET)
#Motivation and talks [Toward effective & holistic teaching, learning, living and thinking]
#Vocational Planning, Life Challenges and academic progress
#Rates are charged per hour/session/programme (proposal)
#School rates are usually R550 – R750 per hour depending on the session frequency & nature of programme. Click here for a guide to hiring my services.
#Proposals are available to schools/institutions (Send me a list of your challenges/needs). Note: To run these programmes effectively, resources must be available which can also be provided.
#Assistance & support for new teachers or students studying to teach Mathematics, Physical and/or Natural Sciences. [How to effectively teach the curriculum through all the thinking levels..]
More than 30 years teaching and tutoring experience with WCED, UWC, Stellenbosch, IAHET, UCT and SHAWCO, & more
Contact on (+27) 061 493 2880 or 0795178174 email: mrlwilliams@mweb.co.za

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