Raise Leaders, Transform Communities!

The number one way to transform a community

When we raise up leaders, we don’t just make an impact, we transform communities. This will inevitable change the world! Changing a community starts with one life at a time. We bring change when we raise up young leaders from within our very communities.

Your giving is helping our “Creative Educational Growth Plan” be a Support School for learners grades seven to ten. At present, our younger learners are in “resting period, and we also provide tutoring in physical science and mathematics.

Through this Growth Plan we focus on:

  1. Connecting the child’s most vital relationships, that is with God and others.
  2. Developing the child holistically.
  3. Achieving academic excellence.

We have designed this plan to prepare learners effectively by providing academic support in:

  • learner educational training
  • developing critical thinking skills
  • develop and grow creative problem solving abilities
  • providing mentoring buddies and
  • vocational guidance

It is easier to train up a child than to fix adults. It is useless to teach anything that cannot be applied. The training and developing of the mind as well as the heart, brings rise to and the release of the potential of this rising generation!

What Next?

We aim to bring this service to many other communities. It is for this reason that we carefully select and train volunteer-leaders with a heart and passion for education. Our leaders are dedicated and hard-workers of their own career and success with a keen heart to give back to the community.

So much of this, however cannot happen without YOU. Kindly follow this DONOR-LINK that will lead you to our easy Paypal method. Alternatively, visit here for the bank transfer or payfast option .




Yours in Serving Communities.