3 Reasons why you donate:

With your gift and others like it, many people’s lives are being changed, not just today, but for generations to come!

With your gift we are able to reach more communities by extending this type of education and training to learners just waiting for an opportunity.

With your gift you will give young leaders the opportunity to change their world!

3 Ways to donate:




*Our Bank Details:

Account Name: Strandfontein Training and Development Centre

Bank: First National Bank

Account type: Business Cheque

Account Number: 62581704816

Branch Code: 200909

Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ

Every learner attending our training program, have a budget cost of 5,800ZAR. This budget includes all learner material such as workbooks and other resources. It also includes running expenses such as transport, refreshments, program materials  and other services and benefits for career guidance.  In supporting this, you are helping us raise children and youth who are becoming a new generation of adults who will successfully parent with purpose and simultaneously impact the market place to flourish it in every way.

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