From Full Time teacher to full time teaching

From Full Time teacher to full time teaching

A taste of my story

From the flaws in my faith to faithfulness

I started High School teaching in January 1992, and I resigned from it on June 30th, 2016. What an amazing journey it was. I loved teaching, especially the learners and the impact I could make at the various schools I taught. However, I always knew there would come a day that I would have to leave school teaching times, and shift into all that God wants me to do.

I have declared it since I started teaching and many of my colleagues have heard it over the years. Therefore, there was no surprise when it finally took place. In 1991, while studying for my final university examinations, I had a very brief experience with the Lord, where I sensed He was calling me as an instrument to reach and transform the youth of my region. This experience grew in me over the years like a fire.

In my last year as a full-time teacher, I sensed a great acceleration and shifting within me, and about three months before I officially resigned, I had a few encounters with the Lord where I sensed Him say that He is shifting me from my identity as a teacher to my identity in Him, from an income to inheritances and from the impression I made in teaching to being impressed by Him.

I sensed God wanted me to take to all the world the style of teaching I developed, which has always been holistic, impacting the learner academically, socially, physically, emotionally and spiritually. In one of my encounters with the Lord I sensed Him asking me which nation I wanted. My answer was a question; “Can I have them all?” His answer was yes, and came with a question too. “Are you willing to give it all?”. My answer to that was yes but little did I realise what would follow. At that moment, the Lord not only gave me the challenge to resign from the education department but He gave me the exact date.

I then started the process of negotiation. I was challenged on many occasions and even tried to negotiate myself out of resigning, or at least a postponement. Besides, I said to the Lord, I am getting my bonus in December, why would You want me to resign in June. The Lord had lots of fun with me, as the flaws in my faith was exposed. I discovered God’s grace in a different way, and how easy He is, about many things we are so rigid in. We ascribe Him to be King of kings, Lord of lords and so many appropriate descriptions. I also discovered Him as the Comedian of comedians. He had lots of fun with me although I did not find it funny at the time.

The Lord clearly instructed me in March to resign by June the 30th, and I remember it was May the 24th, 2016, and I had not yet made the final decision of resigning yet. That morning on my way to school, I was sensing something different around me and upon me. I knew something was up but was not sure what it was. I was sensing Him but I was still not sure what God was up to, as I was in the negotiating mode. As I was about to start my first lesson for the day, God revealed what He was up to. I felt Him like a fire within me. I was burning up and could not proceed with my science lesson. I sensed God saying to me that He will only release me, once I get the resignation forms at the office. Each time I attempted to open my mouth to teach, tears flowed. Fortunately, I had my grade 12 learners with me and most of them were in the loop with what was going on with their teacher over the past few months. I was also preparing them to take charge of their learning while completing the syllabus with them. They asked what was up, and as I tried to explain to them what was happening to me, they encouraged me do what God is instructing me to do, just as I taught them to do.

I immediately text Sharon, who I may add, would very seldom receive my messages instantly let alone respond instantly. I asked her in the text if she would say yes to me resigning now. She instantly replied with a yes. I quickly made my way up to the principal’s office who also knew what was going on my life at the time but was still in a bit of shock as she was hoping I would postpone it to the end of the year. The moment I received the resignation papers, I felt a peace come over me, and I again sensed the Lord say to me with a smile on His face. “Right, now you can go on teaching”.

The process for the resignation took about three days, which I think is a record as it involves quit a few forms, copies of documents and signatures from different authorities, and a resubmission because of an error. On that same day, I still negotiated with the Lord one last time, asking Him to show me where my salary will come from first before I hand in the resignation forms. I sensed Him saying to me with a big smile, “Why don’t you resign first and then I tell you where your income will come from”. A day after I resigned, I got a call from someone who was in another nation telling me that he asked the people he was with, to support me and our ministry. I believe that was God comforting me in my funny faith.

After all the paper work was done I had one short month to complete my duties at the school I was at, and in this short time, which was made to feel like forever, I was challenged by the enemy who used a parent who attempted to tarnish my reputation. Thankfully, I got through this phase unscathed and a new life was started with a trip to Rwanda with my whole family and two others in our ministry. For most of my family it was a first flight and doing a mission’s trip like this. Little did I know that this was just the start of a trying season of preparation. The Rwanda mission’s trip was both a very challenging time but mostly awesome and amazing as we saw God move through us in the miraculous and in ways that shifted a city and I believe a nation.

This mission’s trip was followed almost immediately by another youth conference in Cape Town as well as an All Nation’s Conference with the movement I am director of. It was a very draining period that lasted right up to December of 2016, when I felt an onslaught from the enemy using ministers to try and tear me apart in my character and person. I was amazingly at peace as God assured me that He was with me and my family and we would not be harmed in any way. After this season, I felt another shifting taking place in my life where the voice of the enemy became quiet and God’s voice became more prominent. I knew I was placed in a season of preparation for what was to come.

What added to the onslaught in the six months following my official resignation on June 30th, 2016, was that the school Sharon and I was hoping to birth did not take place at the time we originally planned. It was not God’s timing, as He continued to prepare us. We eventually started the school in early March of 2017, and still I sense that we have not launched it yet. This was still all preparation for what God really wants to do. We started the support school on 11 March 2017 with no money, and I mean no money. To give you a taste of this statement, there were days I could not even buy a loaf of bread, but we started anyway because we knew we had to take a step of faith. The flaws in my faith was growing into faithfulness, for he who has been given a trust must prove faithful (1 Corinthians 4:2).

God placed it in our hearts to support our learners in their academics by helping them become vocationally guided, growing personally while connected to His heart. We are in the process of designing a curriculum that runs over at least three years helping learners become passionate worshippers through their careers and with their families. In this way, we can develop a workforce that reflects God’s heart, and will thus flourish our economy and all that is good. The aim of our curriculum is also to help them to grow with God’s perspective on marriage and family so that they will grow healthy marriages and strong families which is at the core of society.

Our project is based on three legs. We recruit leaders who are mostly young adults, through a very thorough screening process which is relational at its core. We invite learners through an active application process which tests commitment as the first qualification for entry and we invite linked partners which are either individuals or corporates to link with us as partners to help us fulfil what God has given us to do.

We do a lot of seeking and soaking as the Lord continues to prepare us for what is to come. It sometimes is still frustrating especially with the lack of finances and resources, and being able to do the things we would like, but we learn to bring it all to God and He meets with us, refreshing us regularly for the task at hand, giving us His thoughts and ways. We know we must keep it all, Him. This is His dream in us, and we get to partner with Him. It is our privilege to walk with and keep in step with Him. We know it will take time but also live with great expectation for the acceleration of His will to become consistent until it takes us into the quantum leaps from glory to glory. We are looking forward to fulfilling all that God gave us to do.

I am finding that the freedom from all the administration and the fence that comes with being a full-time teacher in a school is becoming to me more and more valuable. I am also finding that I have shifted from being a full-time teacher to teaching full time as the schools of the world becomes my school. Looking forward to the day it shifts to that unstoppable abundance, knowing it is all part of the process.

Llewellyn Williams


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